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Cycle the KVR

Thousands of people visit the KVR every year!

Depart from the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort to enjoy an amazing biking experience. The Kettle Valley Cycling Tours shuttle takes you up to the Kettle Valley Railway where our guides will lead you along 12 kilometers of trail encountering two tunnels and 18 trestles.

Bikes, guides, snack and water provided.

The Myra Canyon cycling tour is a full family activity.

Everyone from infants to elders will enjoy it.

The tour is an easy-pedalling, very low grade and safe ride.

Enjoy safe, breath-taking views from hand-railed trestles, which are part of the Trans Canada Trail System.

Ride across 18 trestles and through 2 mountain tunnels all originally created in 1912-1914. Because of a devastating fire, some trestles have been rebuilt and the park re-opened on June 22, 2008 and has now been designated as a National Heritage Site.

Experience a part of BC’s history; bring your camera and leave your worries behind as you are toured through this Hidden Jewel of the Okanagan.

The tour is approximately 5 hours in length. This is including the transport time as the Myra Canyon is over 3000 feet higher in elevation than Kelowna and almost an hour away. The cycling portion is about 2 1/4 – 2 1/2 hours.

Our tour guide(s) will drive guests up to Myra Canyon in our 14 passenger van; lead you across the 10 km of trail, trestles and tunnels, stopping for many photo opportunities along the way. After a break, the guide will lead you back and return you by van to Kelowna.

The tour guide carries all extra equipment such as bike tubes, air pumps, rain ponchos and bear bells/spray and has all first-aid and safety equipment along.

We provide the bike and helmet rental as well as fruit, water and snacks.

We are available for tours every day.

(Advance reservations required)

Waiver Info

A waiver is required for any person under the age of 19, and can ONLY be signed by the minor’s parent.
If you are traveling with or have another minor accompanying you on any of our experiences; it is highly recommended to have the parent complete the waiver and email to us for approval before you arrive.

Instructions for the parent of a minor are:
Read over the waiver. Date, print your daughter/son’s name, state whether you are the mother or father and sign the bottom. This is to be done in the very bottom paragraph. Scan and email the completed waiver to us along with a copy of your government photo id for signature match.

Download waiver here.

Email signed waiver to [email protected]

About the KVR

In 1877, silver was discovered in the Kootenays. The Canadian government soon realized that due to lack of access to the Kootenays, they were losing the silver ore to Americans who had easier access from the south.

To combat this loss of potential wealth, a new railway was commissioned. In 1896, surveying began and by 1898, the railway to the Kootenays from eastern Canada was complete. In 1910, Andrew McCulloch began construction of the Kettle Valley Railway that would connect the Kootenays to the BC coast. Although there were many hardships, the railway was completed in 1916. It soon became known as McCulloch’s Wonder due to the extraordinary engineering involved in its construction. Until 1949, when Highway #3 opened, there was a daily passenger and freight service from Vancouver to Nelson. Due to soaring costs, the Coquihalla section of track was closed in 1962 and in 1964, the KVR was closed.

Today the only section of track where one may experience the feel of rail travel is found at the Prairie Valley Station located in Summerland. A 1912 locomotive called the 3716 or a 1924 Shay powers the train, with two passenger coaches and three open-air cars. The Myra Canyon is one of the most scenic sections of the Kettle Valley Railway. In just over 8km there are 16 wood trestles, 2 steel bridges, and 2 tunnels. In the 2003, the Okanagan Park wildfire destroyed 12 wooden trestles and damaged 2 steel trestles. Work began in October 2004, to restore the damaged trestles. March 21, 2008 the restoration was complete opening the route from the Myra Station entrance to the Ruth Station.

We provide you the shuttle
We point out attractions on the way up the mountain
We provide a guided tour of the trestles and tunnels
We provide you with snacks
We provide you with water
We really recommend bringing your camera
The trail is level ground so no uphill or downhill
We provide comfort cruiser bikes and helmets
In 8km there are 16 wood trestles, 2 steel bridges, and 2 tunnels.


$150 per person if 2 people
$100 per person if 3-5 people
$90 per person if 6-8 people or
$80 per person if there are 9-10 people on the tour.
All rentals subject to a $3.00 insurance fee and GST
Prices are subject to change without notice

Bring your whole family. We have bikes for kids to adults that are comfortable and perfect for riding on the KVR.
It’s something everyone can enjoy!

Contact Kettle Valley Cycling Tours

[email protected]

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